frequently asked questions

What paintings can be treated?

Del treats oil paintings and acrylics on canvas, wooden panels, board and metal supports. Artworks on paper will be referred to a specialist paper conservator.

Can it be rescued?

Very possibly! Please don’t hesitate to ask for advice because there is every chance your painting can be saved. Tears, holes, missing or flaking paint – these problems will only get worse over time and should be attended to promptly for the benefit of future generations.

What will it cost?

Every painting presents its own unique profile and must be individually assessed to determine the extent of treatment and cost. Del does free, on site quotations – without obligation.

Is it worth restoring?

If the painting has sentimental value to you or your family, it is worth restoring. Cleaning an old painting, obscured by years of surface dirt and yellowed varnish, often results in a dramatic transformation and renewed life of the artwork.
Del will also give guidance on the quality and merit of the work and can refer you for professional valuation if required.